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You're looking for expert support to infuse authentic Japanese culinary and cultural tradition into your...

  • new or established restaurant or catering company
  • Japanese-inspired products or cultural events, or
  • business and management operations.

Meet Atsushi Hattori, Japan's Culinary and Cultural Connoisseur, Curator, and Concierge, providing East-meets-West Culinary and Cultural Solutions for restaurant and business owners just like you.


Born in a small town outside Nagoya, Japan in 1978, Atsushi Hattori boasts over twenty years in the restaurant and hospitality industries.

Expertise in Japanese food, culture, business, and management runs in Atsushi's family.

The Hattori family visiting a sacred historical site in Japan

From childhood until he moved to the US in 2008, Atsushi worked in his family's businesses, mastering Japanese food preparation, presentation and sourcing; restaurant-business operations and management; and hospitality.

To trace Atsushi's family's professional history is to trace the lifeblood of Japanese cuisine and culture.

Beginning in the 1930s, Atsushi's grandfather worked as a licensed fisherman and fish merchant. In 1964, he began a family business catering ceremonial Japanese food, and schooled young Atsushi in its arts.

Atsushi's father opened his first restaurant in 1990, with his son by his side.

Atsushi's mother's side of the family is especially diverse and entrepreneurial, having owned a wedding venue, cafe, bar, hair salon, night club, several hotels, an assisted-care living facility, wood-cutting business, silkworm farm, and Asian pear and persimmon farms--all of which influenced Atsushi's expertise.

Atsushi Hattori - Family Restaurant in Japan
One of the Hattori Family's restaurants in Japan

Once in the US, Atsushi earned the respect, trust, and confidence of restaurant owners, managers, chefs, and staff at iconic establishments like Los Angeles's Gjelina, and MTN, where he was frequently consulted for advice and tutorials in all manner of Japanese food and culture--food preparation, menu planning, fish selection, insurance risks and security, staff training, and more.

Further setting Atsushi's CV apart is his fifteen years in the insurance industry, experience that enhances his insights into the food and restaurant industries, and endows him with underwriting skills (analyzing and assessing assets, potential risk, problem-solving, and risk-management), meticulous attention to detail, and dexterous negotiation skills.

Atsushi has also served as a trusted and well-loved teacher at one of Los Angeles's foremost Japanese Institutes, coordinating among students, parents, secondary schools, and colleges.


Hattori Family Restaurant in Japan
From the Hattori Family Restaurant in Japan

Over the years and across a range of professional experiences, Atsushi has honed his understanding of the unique challenges facing Japanese and Japanese-fusion restaurants and companies in the US, as well as the most creative and effective ways he can provide solutions.

Atsushi takes pride in his mission to empower your business with not only the fruits of his heritage, but also his unique synergy of professional expertise.

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